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Benefits of Leasing

  • Provides 100% Financing
  • Tax Advantages
  • Flexible, customized solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Conserves Working Capital


Celebrating 50 YearsCelebrating 50 Years

United Leasing is proud to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. In 1964, Robert Romain, Sr. founded United Automobile Leasing, Inc., a retail and automotive leasing operation, in Evansville, Indiana. United Automobile Leasing, Inc. was the first business in the Evansville area to offer leasing options to business customers. The company quickly expanded and added a daily car rental company, United Rent-A-Car, as well as commercial real estate investments. Over the past 50 years, United Companies has evolved into a multifaceted financial and transportation services organization with more than 3,000 corporate accounts. With over 6,400 associates, United Companies has direct operations in 40 states and the District of Columbia, and manages assets in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Read more about the history of United Leasing.


Teamwork means getting the job done together. Success takes teamwork.

United Leasing is the team to bring your business success through creative business solutions.

“During our 50 years in  business, United Leasing, Inc. has funded over $1.8 billion in loans and leases, helping our customers achieve their business goals.”

Ronald D. Romain

CEO & President,
United Companies

In today’s business climate, your overall business strategy defines your overall success. How you manage your company day to day will directly affect the potential for growth.  United Leasing, Inc. is here to help you reach your ultimate business goals by offering creative business solutions allowing you the resources to grow your business.

Success requires the joint efforts of people and organizations that share a common vision and commitment. The collation between you and United Leasing, Inc. will help you reach success through combined resources, talents and skills of many individuals focused on a singular goal. At United Leasing, we call this teamwork.Even with its numerous benefits, many companies choose to overlook leasing as an viable option because they believe it does not make good financial sense, it is too time consuming or just too complicated. Our role at United Leasing is to work within your system to make leasing a realistic, cost saving and simple alternative to help you reach your financial goals.

Whether you need a fleet of vehicles, equipment or the leasing of your own retail or wholesale products, we stand prepared to exceed your expectations. United Leasing is committed to helping you succeed by finding the best solution for your business.