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2023 Utility Composite 53′ Dry Van Trailer

Price: $33,500
Location: MD

Key Details

  • Year: 2023
  • Make/Model: Utility
  • Total Length: 53'
  • VIN: 1UYVS2539P3666136
  • Interior Width: 101″
  • Price: $33,500
  • Description

    The 2023 Utility Composite Dry Van Trailer is designed to elevate your business with its advanced composite technology. This trailer is built for efficiency, strength, and durability, ensuring that your operations remain productive while minimizing costs. With its lightweight design and robust construction, the Utility Composite trailer offers unparalleled performance in the dry van market.

    The 2023 Utility Composite Dry Van Trailer is built to withstand the demands of modern logistics. Its combination of advanced composite materials, innovative design, and robust construction makes it an excellent investment for businesses looking to enhance their fleet’s performance and reliability.

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    Other Details

    Key Features:

    • Composite Side Walls: The trailer features polyurethane foam core composite side walls that optimize strength and reduce tare weight, providing a robust and lightweight solution for hauling needs.
    • Interior Width: Offers a generous 101" of inside width, allowing for maximum cargo space and flexibility.
    • Snag-Free® Interior Lining: Galvanized interior lining with fully recessed fasteners ensures a smooth interior surface, protecting cargo and simplifying loading and unloading.
    • Stainless Steel Rear Door Frame: Corrosion-resistant rear door frame increases durability and reduces maintenance costs, enhancing the trailer's longevity and resale value.
    • LED Lighting: Equipped with dual function LED lights for clearance, turn signals, and brake lights, ensuring excellent visibility and safety on the road.
    • Enhanced Floor and Threshold: The 27" deep integrated threshold plate assembly provides superior protection against dock plate damage and fork truck impact.


    Structural Benefits:

    • Strength and Durability: The 4000D-X Composite features a 10" tall bottom rail that is 50% thicker than standard rails, providing greater strength and reducing maintenance costs.
    • Side Wall Design: ¾" deep side walls improve stiffness and deliver increased bulge strength, making the trailer suitable for heavy-duty applications.
    • Logistics Posts: 80K flush steel logistics posts are engineered to create optimal side wall strength and provide greater cargo securement versatility.



    • Productivity: The lightweight design of the 4000D-X Composite increases payload capacity and efficiency, contributing to lower operating costs and higher productivity.
    • Customization: The trailer can be customized to meet specific business needs, ensuring that it is an ideal fit for a variety of applications.
    • Low Maintenance: High-quality materials and construction reduce the need for frequent maintenance, leading to lower total cost of ownership.

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    2023 Utility Composite 53′ Dry Van Trailer

    Retail Value:

    Location: MD

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