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When United Leasing & Finance began as a retail and automotive leasing operation in 1964, we grew to become invested in automotive industries of every type. Fifty years later, we remain a dedicated leader in the automobile service industry. Taking pride in providing automotive and machinery expertise, you are guaranteed United Leasing & Finance will provide your company a customized leasing solution. Our leasing options create a manageable financial plan and meet individual business goals for success or expansion.

Business and other ground transportation vehicles such as shuttle buses, sprinters, full-sized coach services, vans and trolley buses is a market United Leasing & Finance representatives have become specialized in over the years. Despite the wide variety of transportation vehicles and transit systems, every company has at least one goal in common: providing clean, dependable and reliable vehicles. In the transportation service industry, customer satisfaction is a driving factor in distinguishing your company’s success. From airports, tourism companies, theme parks-to public city transportation, customers rely on your company for the most modern and up-to-date services available. Customers expect quality, clean vehicles to fill their transportation needs. It is this type of top of the line care that keeps customers returning and building your reputation as a leading service provider.

As a fellow leader in excellent customer service, United Leasing & Finance fully comprehends the importance these factors have on your business. We create customized leasing solutions unique to your business, providing you the opportunity to acquire the necessary services to focus on what accelerates your company.

Choosing the Best Route

Leasing creates predictable expenses and ensures comprehensive care from our experienced leasing experts. United Leasing & Finance develops plans to improve your financial management structure. As always, our employees take care of the technicalities and paperwork allowing you to invest more time and energy in the areas of your business requiring immediate attention such as quality service and customer care. United Leasing & Finance offers creative solutions to your individual business needs including terminal rental adjustment clause leases (TRAC), providing the opportunity to fully purchase and own your vehicles at the end of the lease. Whether you are ready for your ground transportation business to take off, you are expanding your services or interested in bringing your vehicles up-to-date, our United Leasing & Finance employees are available to steer you in the right leasing direction.

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