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The truck and trailer industry has a tremendous impact on economic growth worldwide. From class 8 trucks to flatbed, box and work trucks-plus dump trailers-these vehicles are responsible for transporting a substantial amount of raw materials, works in progress and finished goods to other industries around the world. Retail stores, hospitals, farms, gas stations, banks and clean water supply are just a few industries that consistently rely on heavy-duty trucks and trailers the commercial trucking industry provides. 

The trucking sector of transportation easily dominates the commercial transportation industry and remains highly competitive. Trucks and trailers are a vital part of our economy as billions of dollars in goods are transported annually around the world.

Purchasing trucking or trailer equipment is extremely expensive. A clever alternative to purchasing new or pre-owned truck and trailer equipment outright is leasing. United Leasing & Finance provides creative financial solutions to help reduce spending without detracting from your resources. In turn, commercial truck leasing at United Leasing & Finance helps operate your business at optimal levels while saving money up front. United Leasing & Finance provides superior expertise and advice in a timely fashion in a massive and intimidating industry. We provide your company the financial knowledge necessary to excel and be successful in one of America’s leading industries.

Additionally, in an industry that is constantly moving, our employees are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your satisfaction and success. Let United Leasing & Finance review your business needs and by starting a lease application with us today.

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