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Construction and mining have had a long-term presence around the world. The industries are considered high hazard due to the nature of the business developed within each market. They contribute billions of dollars of revenue annually throughout the United States and help provide essential community resources.

The required machinery and equipment for construction and mining projects is generally advanced and often expensive to purchase. The latest equipment improves performance and operational effectiveness. With United Leasing & Finance, you can explore options that suit your business cycle as well as budget when leasing this specialized equipment. With impending dealing pressures, there is nothing more important than knowing you are working with the best and most efficient equipment possible to complete the job.

We will build a customized leasing plan for your specific business needs. There are a plethora of advantages to leasing equipment in the construction and mining industry. A major advantage is the option to free up your other lines of credit. In high-risk industries like construction and mining, your company must invest a large portion of the overall budget into highly skilled and trained crews to successfully complete your jobs. Combining your best crew with the latest, most professional equipment, gives your company the ability to build a reputation for quality and safety, thus securing your business’ future success.

Financing with United Leasing & Finance is fast and easy. We take care of the paperwork and details allowing you to focus on your next project. Begin an online application or give us a call today.

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