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The United States population has become more aware and outspoken about the country’s obesity trends. More people are seeking healthier choices and implementing fitness into their daily lives. Statistics indicate over 41 million Americans are health club or fitness facility members. The increase in health-conscious individuals is driving the overall growth in the fitness industry.

As the fitness and health industry expands, so does the competition within the market. Regardless of the size of your fitness facility, it is imperative to set yourself apart from the competition. Members expect the latest trends in fitness including spin bikes, cardio and strength and even tanning beds. Keeping up with these trends can be challenging and expensive. United Leasing & Finance helps stay within your budget to get the equipment you need to keep your facility operating at supreme levels.

We partner with vendors, manufacturers, established franchises and start-ups. Regardless of your established budget, we can create a financial plan customized to fit your needs. The United Leasing & Finance Credit Department diligently finds ways to meet and secure your needs. We maintain a successful relationship by providing creative financial solutions helping your company achieve your business goals. With financing features such as no summer payments and interest only payments, our team can find the right financing solution for your specific needs.  United Leasing & Finance offers fitness leases that can be extended to 60 months on all types of equipment. Plus, our leases can be structured so you can own the equipment at the end of the lease agreement. In some cases, United Leasing & Finance can process your lease application within an hour and have your facility suited up with state-of-the-art equipment quickly. Whether just starting out, or planning for a to facility update, United Leasing & Finance can help you achieve your fitness equipment goals today. Complete our online application or call our Fitness Lease experts.

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