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Creative Financial Solutions

United Leasing & Finance has been providing creative financial solutions for a variety of companies since 1964. We work to understand your company’s budget and develop an attainable fleet financial solution to help accelerate your business’ success. Our relationship with manufacturers allows us to negotiate higher rebates and build in the best bottom-line pricing. This helps garner strong residuals that save your business money up front. Whether you have a large commercial fleet or a small fleet of vehicles, United Leasing & Finance can develop an affordable leasing plan unique to your needs.

Tradition Exceeding Expectations

Regardless of your fleet size, United Leasing & Finance provides your company full service options including:

  • UTRAC Fleet Management Software (dashboard)
  • Vehicle Selection Recommendations
  • Online ordering and Mileage Reporting
  • Acquisition and Deliver
  • Drop Ship Services throughout North America
  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Accident Management
  • Fuel Management Program

United Leasing & Finance has worked closely with fleet customers for over 50 years. Our employees understand the significance of your vehicle fleet and help facilitate the process of acquiring the right vehicles at the best possible price to fit your company’s needs.

Our employees exhibit expertise by getting to know your company and provide knowledgeable advice. We can pin point the required vehicles for your application so your company is performing at optimal levels.

At United Leasing & Finance, our primary focus is to deliver the highest level of customer service and provide you the attention and care you deserve. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your calls. Our objective is to exceed your customer service expectations.

Experienced Fleet Financing Experts

United Leasing & Finance, a privately owned leasing company for over 50 years, has been instrumental in the independent leasing market. We have worked with a number of diverse companies to distinguish fleet needs and develop affordable vehicle leasing plans. Our ongoing relationship with manufacturers helps us provide preferential pricing and offer increased incentives to help your company save money and invest in other areas of your business. Contact United Leasing & Finance and let us create a unique financial plan to suit your company’s budget and needs.

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