Laser Lipo Machine - Photo Body 600LC

Laser Lipo Machine – Photo Body 600LC

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

This laser lipo treatment device is perfect for a doctor’s office looking for a new addition to their arsenal. This machine is missing a couple panels, so this is our loss and your gain to those looking for a laser lipo treatment machine and who have the ability to find the missing pieces!

This system uses BBE (Broadband Energy) Low Current Variable Optical and Power Output.

PhotoBody 600LC laser lipo treatment uses a collimated 162 diodes/650nm laser for photoreceptors at the skin’s surface to cause a cell-signaling cascade through to the adipose (fat) tissue. PhotoBody 600LC is a revolutionary fat reduction,  cellulite smoothing, body shaping, and body contouring treatment. Reverse the effects of the poor diet, which stores excess calories directly to the adipose tissue. Photo-biomodulation stimulates the body’s natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose (fat) cells.

We are not experts on this specialized laser lipo device. Machine turns on and operates as it should. Again, the machine is missing two panels. WE WILL CONSIDER ALL REASONABLE OFFERS.

Please reach out to us with any questions!

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* Disclaimer: This item is sold as is. United Leasing & Finance is not responsible for misuse of this machine and will not be held liable for any reason.