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Traditionally, limousines and car-hire services have had a reputation of being a luxury exclusively reserved for the wealthy and celebrities. In today’s ever-evolving society, United Leasing & Finance realizes this industry has developed into much more. As a business owner, you know better than anyone that limousines and town cars are sought out by various demographics for numerous occasions. Limousines are the classic transportation choice for prom and wedding escorts, however, other groups seek out these means of transportation such as corporate events, birthday parties, and airport pick-ups and transfers. 

United Leasing & Finance also assists funeral homes in leasing quality limousines. Depending on the promotion or event, customers are seeking limousines fully loaded with the most up-to-date features or “wow” factors.  This includes vehicles with fully stocked bars, surround sound, flat screen televisions and revolving seats. Purchasing limousines is expensive. United Leasing & Finance facilitates the acquisition of a limousine or fleet of limousines with our creative leasing solutions.

Leasing In Style

United Leasing & Finance realizes limousine providers of any style must meet the demands of its clients’ face-paced and ever-changing lifestyle needs. Your customers depend on your company’s exceptional service, punctuality and attention to detail. Our flexible leasing options help your business stay up-to-date with the current standards in luxury vehicles. Whether you require one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, our leasing experts will assist in developing creative leasing solutions to help improve your services.

Leasing at United Leasing & Finance also helps you distinguish and manage your capital expenses ahead of time. We alleviate the stress of dealing with paperwork and take care of the technicalities to assist you in organizing your business needs. Seeking a lease program personally customized for your company also helps you save your bank line for payroll purposes. With this type of planning, you are free to invest in other aspects of your company, such as training and employee development. This benefit focuses on your best asset: your customers. With our leasing expertise and creative solutions, your customers are ensured the highest quality experience possible to keep them arriving in style.

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