Manufacturing Equipment Financing

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Manufacturing Equipment Financing

As a manufacturer, you need more than equipment — you need resources for growth. Outdated machines, rising maintenance costs, and disruptive downtime create bottlenecks that cost you money. However, big purchases drain the cash reserves you need for expansion, staff, materials, and unexpected costs.

You know you need to upgrade your equipment. But traditional financing companies and banks can take weeks, if not months, to fund your large equipment purchases, leaving you to wait on their slow approval process. You’re torn between maintaining financial stability in an unpredictable market or investing in new equipment.

This is where United Leasing & Finance works alongside you. We’re here for your long-term growth, not just your next equipment purchase. With 60 years serving businesses across the country, our team knows your industry’s challenges and has helped thousands of businesses like yours alleviate the bottlenecks caused by outdated machines, rising maintenance costs, and downtime.


60 years dedicated to manufacturers across the US and Canada.


Flexible financing solutions tailored to your business's needs.


We prioritize your success, guiding you every step of the way.

We offer customized financing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our flexible terms preserve your cash flow, allowing you to invest in equipment upgrades and maintain the financial resources to seize growth opportunities, such as expanding into new markets, hiring top talent, or improving your internal processes.

Imagine a future where outdated equipment is no longer a burden and cash flow supports your vision, instead of holding it back. That future is possible. Let’s talk about how United Leasing & Finance can power up your production and fuel your success. Contact us today or call 8124753389.

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Our process begins with a thorough consultation where we delve into your specific needs, goals, and challenges. This initial step allows us to understand your unique requirements and tailor our solutions to best fit your business.

Get Your Plan

Following your consultation, we analyze your situation and design financing options specifically for your manufacturing operations. These solutions are strategically tailored to optimize your financial setup and support your growth.

Upgrade and Grow

Our commitment extends beyond just providing funding. We build a long-term partnership with you, offering continuous support, guidance, and expertise to help navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and succeed in a competitive market.

Finance the Manufacturing Equipment You Need

Some of the various assets we offer financing options for at United Leasing & Finance include but are not limited to:

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United Leasing goes above and beyond – they feel like an extension of our team. When COVID-19 hit, they were proactive and flexible, which made a world of difference. I trust United Leasing completely and would recommend them to anyone in my network
Julia P.
Starting my lease with United was seamless. They're not just responsive, they're proactive – anticipating my needs and making the process smooth. It feels like they're invested in my business success.
Stephen T.

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Manufacturing Equipment Financing FAQs

Equipment financing offers the following benefits:
– Expand operations
– Preserve working capital for essential expenses
– Upgrade outdated equipment
– Qualify for tax incentives
– Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
– Boost efficiency and output
– Ensure regulatory compliance

A signed and completed credit application. You can apply using our secure online credit application by clicking here.

By partnering with United to finance your manufacturing equipment, we help you build and maintain your business credit. Additionally, financing helps your business preserve cash and credit lines, so in case of an emergency, you have capital on hand for when your business really needs it.

United Leasing & Finance will finance your manufacturing equipment, vehicles, and other business essential equipment. We provide financing for customers across a wide range of industries from car rental, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, fitness, health and wellness, taxi and limousine, and much more! We can also finance your customers depending on the type of equipment or machinery that you manufacture.

The credit application lists all the items you need to provide including the following: information about the vendor or equipment supplier, business information including legal business name, Federal Tax ID (EIN), annual income, business type, address, a contact name for the person executing the lease, guarantor information, estimated equipment cost, equipment description, and equipment location.

The first and last month’s payments are typically required upon delivery of your equipment, plus documentation fee(s) at signing.

With most transactions, the approval process takes around 1 – 2 business days. We will then issue the final documentation. In most cases, the funding only takes a few days. The process can take longer depending on the availability of equipment.

Payments on your equipment finance contract begin once you have taken delivery of the equipment you purchased.