Oil and Gas Exploration Equipment Leasing and Financing Company

As the world’s population steadily grows, energy consumption directly correlates. The demand for oil and natural gas continues to increase. By 2018, it is projected energy distributors and generators along with Mining, Oil and Gas extraction industries are expected to account for an immense percentage of America’s economy. The forecast provides opportunities for oil and gas producers to exponentially grow and develop. The first step in a successful development plan is acquiring the best equipment.

As an oil or gas producer, there are many financial factors affecting the industry. Fuel costs, finding and producing oil, refining oil costs as well as marketing refined products vary based on a number of different influences. Your time and energy is well invested when focused on the quality and productivity of your oil and gas equipment. Obtaining the newest, most reliable and innovative technology and equipment helps maximize both productivity and profitability. With the right equipment you can, at the very least, manage and optimize those outcomes. Equipment leasing also helps your business remain an asset in the future of America’s energy.

United Leasing & Finance knows the equipment you depend on is highly specialized and not easily replaced. The necessary equipment such as frac tanks, cranes and pumps are expensive. Plus support products such as drill bits and fluids have to be replaced daily, adding to the overall expense. United Leasing & Finance specializes in the oil and gas industry and have the expertise needed to develop a plan that suits your budget and business needs. We have options to get equipment on a short-term basis as well as purchase equipment options at the end of your lease. United Leasing & Finance will facilitate the leasing process and get your company the equipment required.