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Annually, the complex waste management industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, accruing billion of dollars in revenue in North America alone. Each year, an increasing number of facilities, organizations and properties invest in “green” or recycling programs and equipment. A variety of industries have jumped on the green bandwagon including food and retail, commercial properties, higher education campuses, construction companies, healthcare facilities and manufacturing and industrial companies. As a dedicated green company itself, United Leasing & Finance understands and the recycling benefits of waste management. The importance of implementing programs reducing air pollution, consumption of fresh, raw materials as well as energy usage has become a high profile topic worldwide.

United Leasing & Finance can assist in acquiring the latest recycling technology including:

  • Disc screen separators
  • Trommels
  • Shredders
  • Bag openers
  • Glass cleanup systems
  • Over belt magnets
  • Front end loaders

Having the most up-to-date recycling equipment is vital in maximizing sustainability and ensuring efficiency for your company’s zero waste management plans.

Whatever your needs, recycling equipment is unique and expensive. Some financial institutions may deny funding, simply because they don’t understand the industry. That’s where United Leasing & Finance comes in. We offer the financing options necessary to secure the equipment needed to keep your operation running green.

Whether you are implementing a sustainability program in your facility for the first time or updating current equipment, United Leasing & Finance can help. Our creative financing solutions keep you on budget allowing you to focus on managing your company’s carbon footprint.

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