Remarketing Services

Getting You The Most Value, With The Least Hassle

The best way to ensure you receive the most end-of-lease value for your vehicle is to plan for the vehicle’s Remarketing at the beginning of your lease. At United Leasing & Finance, we work with you to develop a variety of flexible tactics to make the Remarketing phase as easy and cost-efficient as possible. We analyze many options before recommending a course of action and can tap into a wide assortment of Remarketing channels that include the following:

National Auction Network

We analyze and quantify more than two hundred auctions nationwide to get you the best price for your vehicle.

On-line Auction

Whether it’s on e-Bay or one of the other auction sites, United Leasing & Finance has a well-developed process to shop your car over the Internet.


We have an established network of licensed brokers and wholesalers who provide us with a steady disposal market for end-of-lease vehicles.

New and Used Car Dealers

We use established dealer relationships to obtain bids on every vehicle make and model.

Third Party Reconditioning

United Leasing & Finance obtains condition reports and digital photos to optimize our Remarketing efforts.


Employees get a vehicle they know and are comfortable with at a highly competitive price far below that of retail. Plus, employee sales are a direct and tangible employee benefit that gives your company a quick and efficient sales cycle equating to substantial fleet operations cost savings. United Leasing & Finance also offers flexible financing and options for extended warranty service plans at wholesale rates.