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Trade shows, sporting events, VIP events, weddings and concerts are just some venues that may have a need for temporary or semi-permanent structures. Temporary structure equipment including tents, tables, chairs, staging and flooring help make these events an overall success. Temporary structures are a subtle but crucial aspect in bringing special events to life while making the event memorable. These necessary structures offer convenience for those special events like a father-daughter’s wedding reception dance, a favorite band live on stage and family reunions.

Having the most durable and reliable equipment available to accommodate large and smaller spaces, as well as endure various weather and environmental factors is critical. By leasing these structures, you can conserve capital for other company expenditures, along with reducing your own costs and possibly become eligible for tax breaks. At United Leasing & Finance, our creative financial leasing plans help you organize your goals and budget, plus create an alternative source of credit.

United Leasing & Finance generates the cash flow that allows your structures to pay for themselves. We offer flexible plans, preferred discounted rates and skip payments options. We work diligently to accommodate your payment plans according to your business cycle year round, in summer months or winter months. We make sure you gain the most efficient use from your equipment.

We are not just a funds lender; the solutions we provide are varied and wide. We make ourselves constantly available to you helping to ensure your productivity and success. Contact United Leasing & Finance today.

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