Through the Korn Ferry Tour Championship presented by United Leasing & Finance and the Golf Gives Back organization, $1.8 million dollars over the years has been raised and invested back into the Evansville community.

This month, on Oct. 6, the Tepe Park community came together to celebrate the newly renovated neighborhood clubhouse. The project was completed through a $50,000 grant awarded by Golf Gives Back to Tepe Park and Community One to update the 120-year-old building.

“The residents are the energy behind this project — the people who live here, the people who dreamed this, the people who made this possible,” said Golf Gives Back Board Chairman Jack Pate.

In September, the Tepe Park community came together for an open house at the renovated facility, and Tepe Park Communications Director Crystal Altidor said community members were amazed and awed as they walked inside. Even more exciting, though, was how her neighbors began saying, “We can.” With the facility, they now can host resident workshops, coding classes, and other resources for the entire neighborhood.

“The investment wasn’t just an investment in this building,” said Altidor. “It was an investment in the future of our neighborhood and our neighbors and making it a better place for us all to live, work, and play.”

Ron Romain, CEO of United Companies, said that is exactly what the Korn Ferry Tour Championship presented by United Leasing & Finance is all about, lifting up the community and the nonprofits working to make Evansville a better place. Golf Gives Back has chosen early childhood education as one of its primary areas of focus, and this project is giving the children of Tepe Park a place to learn and grow.

“This is what Evansville should be about — come together, make projects like this happen,” said Romain. “We hope this golf tournament over the next eight, nine years that we have ahead of us will be able to do the same thing in a significant way.”