Vendor Information

1a. Awarded SIN: 751-1, 751-2, 751-3.
1b. Contract Price List is based on Firm-Fixed Closed-End Lease for Model Year 2010.
2. Maximum Order: Not Applicable
3. Minimum Order: SIN 751-1 $2,500; SIN 751-2 $2,500, SIN 751-3 $2,500.
4. Geographic Coverage: Throughout Continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii
5. Points of Production: Throughout Continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii
6. Prices listed are net per month.
7. Quantity Discounts: Available on all contracts.
8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 days.
9a,b. Government purchase cards are not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.
10. Foreign Items: Not applicable.
11a. Factory ordered deliveries 45 to 90 days after receipt of order.
11b. Expedited Delivery: Available.
11c. Overnight and 2-Day Delivery: Available
11d. Urgent Requirements: Contact Matt Carlisle @ 812-485-3533.
12. F.O.B. Point(s): Throughout the United States.
13. Ordering Address: United Leasing & Finance Inc., 3700 Morgan Avenue, Evansville, IN 47715.
14. Payment Address: United Leasing & Finance Inc., 3700 Morgan Avenue, Evansville, IN 47715.
15. Warranty Provision: Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty.
16. Export Packing Charges: NA.
17. Terms & Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: Government Purchase card accepted up to the micro-purchase threshold.
18. Terms & Conditions of Rental, Maintenance, and Repair: Government to provide fuel, maintenance, insurance and tags.
19. Terms & Conditions of Installation: NA.
20. Terms & Conditions of Repair Parts: NA.
21. List of Service & Distribution Points: NA.
22. List of Participating Dealers: NA.
23. Preventative Maintenance: Available from contractor’s representative.
24. Environmental Attributes: Contact contractor for available environmental/reduced pollutant vehicles.
25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 049062102
26. Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database: Contractor is CCR registered.
27. Mileage Allowance is 15,000 Miles Per Year.
28. Excess Mileage Charge = .20/mile.
29. Lease Rates based on factory ordered units only.
30. Cage Code = 1XX79.

Leases written longer than 12 months (24 or 36 months) and are cancelled because of budgetary reasons will revert back to 12 month lease rate with difference being back billed at lease termination.